Do “We” All Really Want What’s Best “For The Kids”?

As evidence against charter schools increases, charter school supporters have started to assert more frequently that charter schools are not a panacea, they cannot fix everything. And even though they have many problems, they should always be supported nonetheless. Charter schools are said to be a “viable option” for some and people should have “choices.”

After all, at the end of the day, “we” are all supposedly working for the same thing, “we” all want what is best “for the kids.” That is what is important according to charter school advocates, not all the serious problems plaguing charter schools and the harmful effects these schools are having on education and society. Both supporters and critics of charter schools supposedly want what is best “for the kids.” They allegedly do not have profoundly different and irreconcilable visions of education and society. If anything, they have only reasonable and harmless differences of opinion over secondary issues.

This is straightforward disinformation, which is more harmful than misinformation or hype. Charter school supporters do not want the same thing as supporters of public schools. Proponents of public schools and champions of charter schools want different things because they have different aims and interests. They are on “different planets” as the saying goes. They do not actually share the same interests.

Among other things, charter school promoters never offer any deep analysis of…

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