Democrats Have Found the Enemy if They Would Only Look

The Republicans are up to their usual shenanigans. There they are again, sitting on the Right. Don’t like it, Democrats? At least we (and they) know who they are. Posing the question as Pete Townshend did years ago, we must ask of the Blue Team: “Who are you? Who, who, who, who?”

Prior to the election and on these very ‘pages’, I argued how neither American party can reasonably be called Moderate Right, never mind Centrist or Left. I even suggested (with perhaps a dash of tongue-in-cheek) that a Trump-Sanders anti-TPP, labor-management ticket would provide the populist groundswell necessary to topple the Duopoly of Stasis once and for all.

Far and away, the Great Political Train Robbery of the last quarter-century was Clintonism which, in shouldering up just to the left of the Republicans, created a hostage crisis for the Center and Left that has never been defused.

Year ago, the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), a pro-Democratic Party institution that fostered and encouraged Clintonism, defined the latter as standing for, “economic growth and opportunity; for fiscal responsibility; for work, not welfare; for preventing crime and punishing criminals; and for non-bureaucratic, empowering government”. That all sounds like perfectly benign banner-fodder (who’s for crime?) except that it could just as easily have festooned a Barry Goldwater banner.

So what gives, yon Party of FDR?

Clintonism created no real daylight between the two parties. That…

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