Corbyn’s Labour Party Will Deliver a Fairer, More Compassionate Britain

The ferocious beast of the so called free-market capitalism needs to be on a leash before it devours all around it, including our planet. Britain’s Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn has now emphatically signalled that they will do just that. Actually, free-market is a misnomer; a more accurate name would be crony capitalism, where corporate profits are privatised and losses are socialised.

The country now has a choice between two distinct visions. On the one side we have free-market economics espoused by the Tories where the market is king and can do no wrong. On the other we have Labour saying we don’t agree, the market is not working fairly for the majority of our citizens and we will take action to correct that. Whatever one’s political allegiances, this is good for democracy.

The mantra of the Labour Party “for the many, not the few” is resonating with an increasing number of our citizens in spite of most mainstream media going into overdrive to smear Jeremy Corbyn and frighten the people. The electorate have seen free-market economics acting as a giant vacuum cleaner sucking the wealth of the nation upwards to the top 1% and impoverishing the rest.

Here is Jeremy Corbyn in his excellent Labour Party conference speech of how Labour will transform Britain:

And ten years after the global financial crash the Tories still believe in the same dogmatic mantra – Deregulate, privatise cut taxes for the wealthy, weaken rights at work, delivering profits…

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