Cops Now Knocking on Doors to Police Free Speech

Man questioned over comment about Brexit

Paul Joseph Watson
March 20, 2019


A man in the UK received a home visit from two police officers over an online comment he made about Brexit and was told to be “mindful” about his language, despite the officers admitting that he hadn’t broken any law.

A video of the visit shows the man challenging the police officers as to why they were at his door.

While officers failed to point out precisely what the man said that prompted the visit, one of them made reference to “some comment that you said you were going to drag someone out of an office.”

“I’m not saying you can’t use it or you shouldn’t use it, I’m just asking you to be mindful about what you’re putting on there, in case it’s deemed as inciting,” said the officer.

The officer acknowledged the man “had every right to do that” and had not violated the law.

The man attempted to explain to the officers that if Brexit was sabotaged, his comments would pale in comparison to the reaction of other Brits and that the whole country would be “enflamed”.

Earlier this year, we highlighted the story of a man who was investigated by Humberside Police and told to “check” his thinking after he liked a limerick on Twitter which made fun of transgenderism.

53-year-old Harry Miller was told that transgender people might not be safe at his place of work after authorities contacted his boss.

In another example, a 74-year-old woman who wrote a blog in which she stated, “Gender is BS. Pass it on,” received a call…

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