Class struggle and socialism are the only answer to the Brexit crisis


Class struggle and socialism are the only answer to the Brexit crisis

1 April 2019

The prospect of leaving the European Union has provoked the deepest crisis of rule in the post-war history of British imperialism. But the great danger is that the working class is not only being prevented from intervening in its own interests, it is being divided against itself and politically subordinated to one or the other of two right-wing pro-capitalist factions.

With Prime Minister Theresa May failing three times to secure agreement in parliament for the deal struck with the EU on post-Brexit trading relations, talk of a Conservative leadership contest is now overshadowed by speculation that there might be a second snap general election, following the one held in 2017.

If a new election is called, the Tories are predicted to lose power to Labour, which has a five-point lead in the opinion polls and could form a minority government. Pro-Brexit and pro-Remain Tory MPs are united in opposing such a move, fearing that it will lead to unstoppable demands for an end to austerity by the working class, despite Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s declared aim of defending the “national interest.”

Corbyn has indicated that a no-confidence motion will be put this week if May’s deal is again rejected. This starkly poses before the working class critical issues of political perspective and leadership.

Any possibility that the ruling class might have of resolving its raging internal conflict is thanks only to Corbyn’s refusal to honour the mandate he was given in two party leadership elections: To bring an end to decades of austerity, militarism and colonial wars, starting by driving the Blairite right wing out of the Labour Party.

Rank-and-file members who elected him have instead been…

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