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Ice on your windshield is both a safety issue and a giant hassle on a freezing day when you just want to get where you’re going and huddle there like a cranky bear. Here’s a short video that makes defrosting your window look so easy, you’ll throw your scraper in the trash compactor. (NB: you should probably still hang onto that scraper.)

The video was posted in 2016, but it’s resurfacing again recently, along with the cold weather. WATE 6 News’ Ken Weathers, a meteorologist whose name was his destiny, demonstrates how to make a simple solution that instantly dissolves ice. No, not hot water. As Weathers says, that can cause your windshield to crack. Plus, more water will eventually lead to more ice. Heating it from the inside and using the defroster takes time, and scraping it away takes manual labor.

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