Attend March 10 Solidarity Vigil in London for Julian Assange


Attend March 10 Solidarity Vigil in London for Julian Assange

Robert Stevens

25 February 2019

The Socialist Equality Party (UK) calls for maximum participation in the “Solidarity Vigil for Julian Assange” outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Sunday, March 10.

The Julian Assange Defence Committee has organised the vigil to complement the rally the same day in Melbourne, Australia, called by the Socialist Equality Party (Australia). A week earlier, Sunday, March 3, the SEP is holding a rally in Sydney to demand Assange’s freedom. Both rallies will be addressed by SEP National Secretary James Cogan.

John Pilger, journalist, filmmaker and outspoken opponent of militarism and injustice, will speak at the Sydney rally, along with well-known academic and human rights advocate Professor Stuart Rees.

The Julian Assange Defence Committee has maintained a regular vigil outside the embassy since 2012, when Assange was forced to take refuge after the British judicial system trampled over his democratic rights in a series of perverse and arbitrary rulings.

Protesters at last August’s vigil at the Ecuadorian embassy marking six years since Assange entered the building

Last August, supporters of Assange held a protest outside the embassy to mark six years to the day since Assange was forced into captivity.

Emmy Butlin, one of the organisers of the March 10 event, told the WSWS on Sunday:

“This last month we had two anniversaries that bring home the dire situation Julian Assange faces. On February 5, it was three years since the United Nations Working Group of arbitrary detention published their ruling in his favour demanding he is released and compensated. Despite this clear direction the UK has refused to fulfil its international obligations and as a result on…

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