America’s Lost Souls: the 21st Century Lumpen-Proletariat?

Photo Source Giuseppe Milo | CC BY 2.0

America is a nation of lost souls, but who are they?

The online Urban Dictionary explains, “A lost soul has had a tragedy, so devastating, they find it impossible to give their heart to anyone. … Lost souls can be dangerous to themselves and others, and can cause harmful memories of not careful.”

A Christian publication defines a lost soul as follows:

A “lost soul” is someone who seems adrift morally, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. Such a person may be lost to drugs, alcohol, ambition, greed, gambling, sexual promiscuity or the “pragmatic” mentality that shows no respect for human life and measures everything only in economic or material terms

And a site called Power of Positivity intones, “true lost souls go through more intense periods of disassociation and confusion than the rest of us, and sometimes, they feel like their true path in life has evaded them.”  Still another site states: “Lost souls are people who are spiritually adrift. For whatever reason, these individuals have blocked the intuitive guidance coming from their higher selves. … As a result, a lost soul’s life is very challenging.”

Unfortunately, the suffering many people experience is more than their private grief or, as Power of Positivity admonishes, their inability to experience the “feeling the infinite love of the universe, and this leads to struggle, anger and sadness.”  More consequential, the lost…

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