A Tale of Two Tale Spins: Managing America Through Its PTSD Collapse

The teeth-rattling cognitive dissonance that awaits half the nation (and it’s still fair to ask which half) is going to send some folks into therapy for years. This essay, as you will see, is predisposed to one narrative. The human mind cannot entertain both.

In fact, the reset for many will arrive in begrudging half-measures. They will grumble that the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy finally prevailed on poor Hillary. Psychologically, that will be about the best they can do. Patience, not partisan recriminations, will be the most suitable response.

I have an 80-something year old mother who will not walk on grass if the authorities have placed a sign on the approach to City Hall. She’s far from stupid and yet she has been socialized into an unquestioning belief that what appears on the TV news is an accurate rendition of what transpired in the world that day. Why would it be otherwise?

Morbid as it may sound, I would like her Christian naiveté to depart the planet unmarred before her go-to source, CNN, has little choice but to report on the most depraved aspects of what so many of us have already come to accept.

There may not be blood, but there will be psychological carnage which can create equally grievous wounds. Then there may be blood.

Already, microcosmic civil wars are being waged across America’s dining tables. It seems a new nation is being conceptually birthed one car pool and barbershop at a time. For better or worse, the alt-narrative is going…

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