21st-century schizoid segregation | Dissident Voice

down these long dark tunnels
march the schizoid humans
some tall and erect others
eerily slumped and sluggish
stepping in tune to an avatar
intelligence branded within

boasting of their segregation
and blinded by the blackness
they move to the commands
closer toward an apocalyptic
false light resurrection display
shown in a sky-written deception

with breathed in microchips
nanobot swarms assemble
tiny interior drones of control
the illusion grand commences
as the natural loses its grip
and self melts into the Leviathan

Robert Filos is an author of poetry and short stories that combine beauty with humor and wit, (and brutal truth sometimes) while highlighting social and world issues. He was born and raised in The Bronx, and now makes his home in the South Carolina Low-country with his wife and nine children. Read other articles by Robert.

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