VIDEO: Fool Me Twice (Bali Bombings)

Just before the hour mark, we learn the interesting fact that car bombs dont leave craters…So what made rthe 5 foot deep hole in the bali bombing? And the explosion that killed Hariri left a hole… so were these really car bombs.

An what is US role in bali boming that had the US ambassador (at 1.07 in film) summoned investigative jourtnalist Robert Finnegan, after a number of articles he had written in the Jakarta post. Finnnegan weas told to cease his investigations.

Death in Bali

by Brian Harring

I am going to introduce this incredible story by publishing an on-the-spot accounting by Robert Finnegan, an editor of the Jakarta Post. Finnegan, and a team of investigators went to Bali just after the blast and he covered it in depth, took many photographs and samples and conducted a number of interviews with locals and enforcement agents. The results of his efforts is that he was summoned to the American Embassy in Jakarta and personally interviewed by Ambassador Ralph Boyce.

Finnegan was read the riot act by the Ambassador and told that he was “rocking the boat” and ordered to cease and desist his investigative activities at once. When Finnegan refused, the outraged Ambassador told him he would have him ejected from Indonesia within 24 hours. He was ordered to surrender his notes to Embassy personnel, films were confiscated as was a sampling of earth taken from the blast site (Finnegan had two such samples and only one was found)

American authorities also subsequently believed that “an unidentified individual” was believed to be in possession of a tape recording of certain statements made by the Ambassador that might be considered by many to fully support the thrust of Finnegan’s investigations.