In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism

Dr. Horowitz generously donated this life-saving DVD for widespread free public distribution without copyright restrictions. Every American should watch this film to prepare for forced injections, mass quarantines, and official predictions of disasters.

This full version was built by The Kick Them All Out Project: from the 16 pieces posted on YouTube so you can watch the entire film in one piece. After watching this film, please join the revolution at the Kick Them All Out Project and help put an end to this insanity once and for all by taking control of our government away from these megalomaniacs!

In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism to learn why your life is entrusted to Manchurian candidates who don’t even know how and why they aim to kill you.

Horowitz brilliantly critiques the government’s new 24-hour television network and feature documentary, History of Bioterrorism, which is now broadcasting daily over the Dish Network.

September is “National Preparedness Month.” Officials say you must prepare for the worst bioterrorist attacks, yet they use fear and gross inaccuracies (propaganda) examined by Horowitz for your edutainment and informed choice.