Report says inequality is elitist ‘social engineering’

Those at the top of society are overwhelmingly educated at Cambridge or Oxford (above) universities (Pic: Steve Evans on Wikimedia Commons)

Inequality in Britain is so structured that it could be called “social engineering”, according to a new report.

The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission study looked at the people “running Britain”.

It said that those at the top are overwhelmingly educated at public schools and went to Oxford or Cambridge universities.

The most detailed study of its kind looked at over 4,000 people in top jobs in areas such as government, the judiciary, business and the media.

Just 7 percent of people in Britain go to public school–but they have a grip on our major institutions.


Some 71 percent of senior judges were educated at public schools, as were 62 percent of senior army officers and 55 percent of permanent secretaries in Whitehall.

Over 99 percent of people in Britain did not go to Oxford or Cambridge. But graduates from those universities make up

75 percent of senior judges and 59 percent of cabinet ministers.

Labour shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt said the study showed the Tories were failing to tackle inequality.

Labour has signed up for many of the Tories’ policies and is committed to sticking to its spending cuts if elected.

This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.