VIDEO: Globalisation and the Media

An award winning documentary exploring the role of the mass media during the War on ‘Terror’ & Economic trade. Consider a wide range of viewpoints from mainstream news editors, computer hackers, journalists and media activists. Discover how new technology, such as the Internet and camcorders, are challenging the role of the traditional news gatherer. This film contains graphic violence by Italian Police during the G8 summit in Genoa.

Includes contributions from
Chris Cramer- President CNN International news
George Monbiot- The Guardian, investigative reporter
Katharine Ainger- Editor New Internationalist
Mark Covell-
Tony Blair- Prime Minister UK
Jesse Jackson- Civil rights campaigner
Sonali Fernadez- Media Workers against the War
Danny Schecter- Director,
Emmanuel Goldstein – Editor of 2600 The Hackers Quarterly
Amy Goodman- Producer Democracy Now radio (US)

Special thanks to Undercurrents and NN7