Obama’s Ugliest Crime Exposed in Just a 4-Minute Video

Eric Zuesse
RINF Alternative News

It’s stunning.

It’s video showing inside the Odessa Trades Unions Building while hundreds of people who opposed Obama’s coup that had overthrown Ukraine’s freely elected President (the last President who was elected by the entire country) were murdered by Obama’s thugs, on May 2nd. This incident in the Trade Unions Building was even more violent than Kiev’s February coup itself, and it sparked Ukraine’s civil war, because it reeked of “genocide” (both intent and action) against the vast majority of residents in southeastern Ukraine, who (like those victims) don’t want to be ruled by people who wished them dead. But unlike those victims, they now know to a certainty that this indeed is the intent of the people whom Obama has made their leaders.

And here are previous news reports that provide pictures of, and that explain Obama’s connection to, this hyper-violent and extremely historic incident (historic because it sparked Ukraine’s civil war, and thus brought relations with next-door Russia to a boil).

And here is a report that shows Obama’s Administration happily greeting the officials whom they had placed into power in Ukraine, and that also shows their thugs firing into a crowd of would-be voters in Ukraine’s southeast, where the people wanted to vote against Obama’s coup-regime, in a referendum, and where some of those would-be voters dropped dead like flies from the machine-guns, while the troops (really low-level gunmen in Obama’s anti-Russian campaign) continued firing away at them.

And here is a Parliamentarian objecting to such violence and thinking he’ll be allowed to do that, because he says “We are following not American but Russian policy now,” in this violence that he’s condemning; it’s like he’s saying, “I’m a right-winger, too”; but, instead, thugs forcibly remove him:


“Svoboda Thugs Silence MP Petro Symonenko Inside Ukraine’s Parliament”

See 0:52: “Today you send armed men against peaceful protesters, against people who defend their rights. Today you do everything to intimidate the population. You arrest people. You initiate witch-hunts. [Some men start running in the aisles toward him as he says this. When they reach the podium they throw him off of it. A fist-fight ensues among numerous Parliamentarians.]

This incident is part of a series that’s shown at,


“Welcome to Nulandistan” is its title, appropriately named after Obama’s chosen hench-woman, Victoria Nuland, the ringmaster behind this extremely bloody mayhem.

It includes also a TV-station chief being thugged out of his job for not being sufficiently far-rightwing. Then:

More is shown of our agents’ firebombing of the people inside the Odessa Trade Unions building. One subhead is,

“Pro-Euromaidan Man Shoots at People Who Are Trying to Escape [Burning Building],” and a pretty, and confident-looking, young woman writes there about that incident, in which she had participated: “My jacket smells of burned rubber and it is stained with blood. On the one hand, there is horror, when I think of the faces of the dead people, on the other hand, there is pride,” and her face (in the adjoining photo) radiates the latter (the pride), and none of the former (the horror). However, alongside that photo are shown some of her corpses, and they look like made-up ghouls in a horror-movie. Decent people who merely wanted to be allowed to live is what they had actually been.

These things are handiworks of the eager executioners of Obama’s ethnic-cleansing campaign, aiming to cleanse Ukraine of enough pro-Russians so that Ukraine will invite in NATO missiles aimed against Russia, and only far-Right people will remain in the electorate, so that it’ll all be done “democratically.” And “we” (“our” “free” “press”) complain that it’s really all nasty little Putin’s fault, because of his “aggressive intentions,” against us. (The people of Crimea craved his protection against our monsters, and he gave it; and this is supposed to be “aggression.” How disgusting is that calumnious lie? Especially after we massacred those people in Odessa? Who are we, to talk and pontificate, about that? America’s press are a national embarrassment to do that — constantly.)

Britain’s press is now equally bad. BBC was typical. Very late on May 2nd, they bannered, “Ukraine crisis: Dozens killed in Odessa fire amid clashes” and portrayed the perpetrators and victims as equally responsible. Within three hours, a facebook post appeared, “BBC lies about Odessa Massacre in Ukraine,” and listed and documented 6 whoppers in the story. Almost the entire BBC piece was lies.

Newspeak reigns. And it’s not only in the U.S. But the coup in Kiev was entirely Obama’s baby. The U.S. initiated and runs this show.

For the first time ever, the United States is sponsoring, even violently imposing, an ethnic-cleansing campaign upon a foreign country. It’s beneath despicable; there’s no appropriate word for it. This is a new low in American history, since at least 19 March 2003. Maybe even since slavery. And maybe even ever: because a nuclear war would be far worse than any of those.

How long will America’s press cover it up, and America’s public passively let it do so without boycotting them?

Isn’t the country that brought this about, obliged now to stop it and to prosecute the President who initiated this horror and extreme danger, and praises its leaders? If Republicans in Congress refuse, then the obligation falls upon Democrats in Congress to initiate the proceedings, to expel him and then to try him for treason. These are international war crimes. And, if our “democracy” doesn’t do it, then doesn’t the obligation fall upon other countries and international courts? Let’s wake up!

The entire world is being endangered by this man’s evil. If the U.S. refuses to set right its reputation by disowning and prosecuting him, then we’ll get to see whether any other country is any better.

To be “the leader of the world” is a heavy obligation, not just practical but moral. A now-barely-closeted Hitlerite, with some by-now-clear aspiration to establish the basis for winning a nuclear war against Russia, in order for him (or a successor) to achieve unchallengeable world supremacy on the part of America’s aristocracy, hardly qualifies to meet either the practical or the moral obligation. The world, indeed, had better wake up, before it’s too late to salvage things from sliding inexorably into global war. We’ve already seen enough of Obama’s lies and vile actions that prove them to be lies, and that manifest his evil.

If he renounces the Odessa massacre, and seeks prosecution of its organizers, then at least there can be an argument made that he’s reformable and had simply erred, egregiously. Then, perhaps, mere impeachment and removal from office would suffice. Otherwise, he’s like Hitler reborn and inside the U.S. White House, and then the responsibility for what to do with him devolves upon the American public. His war against Russia is also a war against the America people, and against all peoples everywhere, because a nuclear war would be a lot worse than America’s Establishment alleges: it would be a war against the world (including ourselves, notwithstanding our Establishment’s fantasy).

Maybe if Republicans don’t push to prosecute him, Democrats can demand that, finally, George W. Bush be prosecuted for his lies and war-crimes.

At least we’ll get to see whether anybody in Congress is worthy of being there.

George W. Bush II in Democratic verbal garb just doesn’t cut it anymore. We are ruled by slimes, and it’s got to stop now — at last.

Obama is a nightmare. Let it end. Let’s wake up, now.

Won’t it be great to see John McCain defend Obama on this? Bipartisanship, finally. And then, he’ll be next — and all the rest of the Congress who do likewise, all of whom likewise dishonor their country: none of them belong in Congress. Elections can deal with that. But Obama is doing more harm than the others, because he’s the President. He’s proven rotten: he has to go, if any mega-criminal does.

The embarrassment to our country must stop.

Because if it won’t, then the embarrassment becomes our country.

George W. Bush was bad enough. Obama is too much.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.