Media is ignoring Ron Paul

It is of great concern to me that our media have the power to manipulate how we perceive current events. If only the media were a reliable source for information, unfortunately they’re not. How do I know this? Take, for example, the story about the state Republicans’ straw poll in Bismarck Oct. 26. Mitt Romney was announced the winner. The only candidate who deserves the Republican nomination is Congressman Ron Paul, who received 4 percent of the vote in the poll, tying with Mike Huckabee. What truly upset me was when I watched KFYR that night and listened to the report about the event, they showed the percentages for each of the candidates but omitted Paul’s name. The media tried alluding that Paul didn’t receive any votes. However, he was the only candidate who received votes but whose votes were not reported. Why?

Paul has gathered most of his support through the Internet, and the media have tried to ignore him. But Paul has won more straw polls than any other candidate. He appeals to the most important American citizens, the youth. Now, before the elderly population of North Dakota starts throwing their fleischkuekle and walkers at me, let me just say that the reason the youth are the most important people in any campaign is because they represent the future.

Paul supports the Constitution and our rights. In America, we support freedom and equality – that is, if you’re not a white male. We want fair elections and the only way we can have this is if we quit eating the media’s biased stuff.

In closing, if people want communism, they should vote for Hillary Clinton. If fascism, vote for Rudy Giuliani. If more of the same, vote for Fred Thompson. Finally, if they want a president who stands for freedom, is a champion of the Constitution and who is consistent when he votes, then America should cast its vote for Ron Paul.