Mainstream media, Police & BBC protected Savile since the 80’s

Mick Meaney, |

UPDATE: High level arrests are imminent in connection to child abuse within the British establishment. 


In a seemingly never-ending onslaught of allegations, more questions have been raised about how much the BBC actually knew about Jimmy Savile’s  attacks on children in the 70’s and 80’s.

A retired Metropolitan Police officer, Peter Spindler,  has revealed new information about an investigation that took place in the 80’s, when Jimmy Savile attacked a child at the BBC’s Television Center.

The is reporting:

The attack was alleged to have happened in Savile’s caravan at the BBC’s headquarters. It was reported to police but there was “no evidence that would substantiate a prosecution”, said the former officer, Peter Spindler.

He disclosed that a second alleged victim had also contacted Scotland Yard in 2003 to say Savile “touched her inappropriately” in the 1970s. However, she did not want to press charges and simply wanted the Met to know about it so police could use it as intelligence.

Mr Spindler said he did not know if Savile had been interviewed over the allegation. The BBC said the matter was “being dealt with by the police”.

It is now believed that Savile was part of a wider pedophile ring at the BBC, one that has possibly spread across the British establishment.

Earlier this week, the BBC’s Panorama programme confirmed there were rumours surrounding Savile for decades, but high level bosses at the BBC failed to investigate.

The way the BBC protected Savile is sickeningly obvious, but now the police also have to answer some important questions.

The Sun is reporting how the police missed 7 opportunities to stop the sexual predator.

1. In 1980s, indecent assault of girl in his caravan at the BBC TV Centre in West London.

2. In 2003, inappropriate touching dating back to the 1970s.

3. In 2007, indecent assault of girl under 16 at Duncroft approved school, Staines, Surrey, in 1970s.

4. Indecent assault of girl under 16 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Bucks, in 1973.

5. Incitement to engage a girl under 16 in a sexual act at Duncroft in late 1970s.

6. Indecent assault on an adult in Sussex in 1970.

7. In 2008, abuse of boy aged ten at Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne children’s home in 1970s.

While The Sun is taking great delight in slamming the BBC, the rest of mainstream media cannot avoid the finger of blame.

Both broadsheet and tabloid editors were also aware of Savile’s exploits – and remained silent.

This week former Fleet Street editor Janet Street-Porter said:

“I was aware of the rumours about Jimmy Savile, I was also aware of rumours about other people.

“There was a culture, and it was a generational thing, in areas of light entertainment behaviour was tolerated.

“I feel that the reason these women never came forward before was nobody would have believed them because Jimmy Savile raised so much money for charity and he used the money that he raised for charity as a bargaining power to buy silence from national newspapers.

“If ever there was a time when someone might have blown the whistle on him, he would threaten those newspapers and those reporters that that charity money would not go to those hospitals.

“A lot of people in the BBC knew what was going on.”

What we are left with is a conspiracy of silence across the British establishment.

Just what else are they keeping quiet about and why has the British establishment been so desperate to protect a pedophile ring for decades?