Lily Allen slams George Bush at gig


Pop star Lily Allen has slammed US President George W. Bush during her gig at England’s V Festival.

Hitting out at Bush and immigration officials, the 21-year-old, whose US Visa was revoked at the country’ airport, said that they are people who are ‘awkward on the train’.

The ‘Smile singer’ also slammed fashion magazines for making ladies feel awful and insisted that all women are beautiful, adding that it’s the heroin addict models who have to worry.

“This next one is about people who are awkward on the train, U.S. immigration officials and George Bush in general.” Contactmusic quoted Allen, as saying.,

“Who else can f**k off? People who edit fashion magazines… that makes us ladies feel awful. We’re all beautiful – it’s the heroin addict models who’ve got the problem,” she added.