Valerie Jarrett: Directing the Obama Administration Toward Globalist Agendas

Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism |

Last week, President Obama was questioned, among other things, about his involvement with Abound Solar, a bankrupt solar energy corporation owned by Valerie Jarrett who is Obama’s senior adviser and assistant to the executive branch on intergovernmental affairs and public engagement.

Kyle Clark, correspondent for the local Denver station KUSA, said that Obama had confirmed that environmental monies allocated $60 million for stimulus were given to Abound Solar which “is out of business and under criminal investigation.”

Obama skirted the direct question by replying: “I think that if you look at our record that these loans that are given out by the Department of Energy for clean energy have created jobs all across the country. … And these are decisions, by the way, that are made by the Department of Energy, they have nothing to do with politics.”

The Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs (PEIA) is a subsection of the White House Office within the Executive branch of the US Presidency. The PEIA facilitate communication between the President and numerous interest groups in a “town-hall” style of allowing the average American citizen to be heard by the President. The PEIA collaborates with the Office of Communications in a subversive form of coercion of the US public to rally around President Obama.

In conjunction with state and local officials, the PEIA influence local elections and makes sure that those seated in office are on-board with the President’s agendas.

arrett also heads the White House Council on Women and Girlsafter creating the agency in an executive order signed in 2009. This EO gave the US government and Jarrett oversight on issues concerning all women and girls in America through doctorial “legislation”. The foundation of this agency is built on international ideals as defined by the UN Commission on the Status of Women(CSW). Through global policy, the CSW endeavors to set global standards on all women across the world that will supersede the law of each individual sovereign nation. The CSW, created by theUN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), seeks to control:

– Definitions of women’s rights
– Establish international gender equality standards
– Identify challenges and create policies to promote gender equality

Jarrett, by order of Obama, sits on the Chair of the Council to oversee such federal agency players such as:

– Hillary Clinton
– Timothy Geithner
– Leon Panetta
– Eric Holder
– Ray LaHood
– Janet Napolitano
– Susan Rice

In Chicago, Jarrett and Obama partnered at the Joyce Foundation, which is a “charitable organization” that funds political endeavors such as Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, to begin the Mayors Against Illegal Guns initiative.

Obama’s administration has worked with the Joyce Foundation in socialist schemes such as the creation of the White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation (SICP) that concocts plans to reward those who work with the administration to further particularly pointed agendas that have undermined our Constitutional Republic. SICP manipulates “individuals, non-profits, the private sector, and government” to invest in leadership that demonstrate:

– Effective solutions that suit the current administration
– Implant government intervention into everyday citizen’s lives
– Recruiting leaders to serve a socialist agenda on a local level

Their purpose is to promote service to government as a condition of community so that eventually all Americans will transform into a new generation of citizens concerned with “national priorities”. The use of federal agencies is at the center of this scheme which restructures local markets and resources to the betterment of the whole and not the individual. Using private sector corporations and government grants this enterprise will “create a more effective government by breaking down barriers to innovation.”

According to Jarrett, speaking on her relationship with Obama: “We have kind of a mind meld. And chances are, what he wants to do is what I’d want to do.”
Jarrett has been referred to as “the other side of Obama’s brain. In fact, Jarrett’s close friendship with Obama goes back to his days as a Senator and became a top advisor for his 2008 Presidential campaign.

Michelle and Barack are closely tied to the Jarret network of Chicago elite who influence the social, business and political temperament of the city. Her role in their personal lives and professional careers extends beyond an advisor to the Presidential office and friend of the family.

It is clear that Jarrett has a long history with Obama and now seats one of the most powerful positions in the White House — perhaps even more influential than the presidential office simply because Obama does what Jarrett tells him to do.