US lawmakers blast Obama for arming Saudi Arabia

A bipartisan group of American lawmakers have called on Washington to halt arms sales to Saudi Arabia amid the Riyadh regime’s onslaught of civilians in Yemen.

US Representative Ted Lieu’s office announced that the Democratic lawmaker is circulating a draft letter to President Barack Obama, in which the signatories will demand an end to America’s unconditional support for the kingdom.

“Any decision to sell more arms to Saudi Arabia should be given adequate time for full deliberation by Congress,” the draft reads.

Representatives Ted Yoho of Florida, John Conyers of Michigan and Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina are helping Lieu with the letter, which has been signed by twenty other lawmakers so far.

The letter’s announcement came on the same day that US Secretary of State John Kerry set on a trip to the Saudi city of Jeddah to discuss the year-long war.

Saudi monarchs and their allies in Washington are faced with growing pressure from the…

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