UK remains opposed to EU army, says will harm NATO

Despite a decision to leave the European Union (EU), the UK will continue to oppose the creation of an EU army as it will “undermine” the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), says British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon.

Speaking to the press ahead of informal talks with his counterparts from the European Union (EU) in Bratislava, Fallon said Tuesday that London “remains committed” to Europe’s security but would under no circumstance approve of an EU army.

“We’re going to continue to oppose any idea of an EU army, or an EU army headquarters which would simply undermine NATO,” he said. “NATO must remain the cornerstone of our defense and the defense of Europe.”

Admitting that European countries needed “to do more” in order to curb terrorism, Fallon said weakening NATO was “the wrong way” to achieve more security.

Asked if London would use its veto power to reject such proposals, Fallon said there was no need to veto as…

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