UK MPs to probe human rights situation in Persian Gulf Arab states

A group of UK lawmakers have formed a group to scrutinize the status of democracy and human right in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf region, a Scottish MP says.

Margaret Ferrier made the announcement Monday, following a seminar by Amnesty International. 

The seminar was about the way some Arab countries in the Persian Gulf region were stripping political activists of their nationalities as a punishment.

According to a press release by the International Campaign for Freedom in the United Arab Emirates (ICFUAE), the all-party parliamentary group, headed by Ferrier, “will address the increasing concerns around the human rights violations in the UAE and other Gulf countries.”

The statement also slammed the UK for its ties with some of the Arab kingdoms despite blacklisting them as violators of human rights.

“The strong ties that the UK government holds with the [Persian] Gulf countries raise ethical questions due to their human rights record,”…

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