Trump v. Hillary on Russia

(RINF) – Hillary’s likely ascension to power next year risks belligerent confrontation with Russia, possible nuclear war. Putin earlier warned of “being pulled in an irreversible direction.”

His warning remains unheeded. Hillary’s anti-Russia hostility risks the unthinkable. Trump’s worldview could save humanity from crossing a catastrophic red line of no return, on Monday saying:

“Frankly, if we got along with Russia, and knocked out ISIS, that would be a good thing, not a bad thing.”

“Now, if there’s anything with Russia, they say Russia loves Donald Trump. Putin loves Donald Trump. And they insult him constantly. I mean, no wonder he can’t stand Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

“But, it is a very serious problem. I think…It’s the worst situation we’ve had with Russia since the end of the Cold War by far.”

“The problem is, Putin has no respect for Obama at all. Doesn’t like him and doesn’t respect him. And Obama doesn’t like Putin. They have a great dislike for each other…And I think that, you have potentially a very catastrophic situation here.”

“If I win on November 8th…I could see myself meeting with Putin and meeting with Russia prior to the start of the administration.”

These type comments and similar ones result in critics calling him “soft on Russia…the Kremlin’s man…an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.”

Chess champion/Russian dissident/CIA asset Garry Kasparov called Trump a “perfect agent of chaos…threaten(ing) not only democracy in (America) but democracy worldwide” if elected president in November – a “perfect (Putin) counterpart.”

Trump favors normalized relations with Russia over confrontation, peace between the world’s dominant nuclear powers, not potentially cataclysmic war – the thermonuclear arsenals of each country able to end life on earth if unleashed.

Who would you prefer leading America at a crucial time in world history – an emotionally unstable neocon war goddess with her finger on the nuclear trigger or a businessman favoring world peace? A simple choice!

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