Teachers to stage one-day strike on April 24

Teachers in England and Wales will stage their first national strike in more than two decades on April 24, Britain’s biggest classroom union announced today.

The National Union of Teachers said that a ballot of its 255,000 members had found a majority of those who voted were in favour of a one-day strike over pay.

The union is demanding a 10 per cent pay rise this year, or £3,000 for every teacher in England and Wales, whichever is the greater.

Ministers have announced a 2.45 per cent rise for teachers in England and Wales this year, with further rises of 2.3 per cent in 2009 and 2010.

The NUT claims this offer represents a real-terms pay cut as it is below the rate of retail price inflation.

The proposed April 24 strike will come one week before local government elections, and will hit thousands of schools in England and Wales in the run-up to tests and exams.