Neuroscience of terrorism: Inside the mind of a Takfiri terrorist

Imagine you are contacted by a recruiter and have been asked to go get an explosive belt from their agents. Then you are instructed to go to one of the most crowded places near you and kill as many people as you can before you detonate your vest. Yes while you are still wearing it.

Probably you cannot imagine that. Or you may be thinking what kind of psychological illness you should have to be able to even picture such a scene. But at the moment, there are quite a large number of people around the world who are following such instructions. What can make a sane human being be able to commit mass murder? What is the voice inside their heads when they are about to kill themselves on their own volition for the cause of a group or organization? Almost none of these people suffer from any form of acute or chronic mental illnesses. They are not intrinsically deranged or psychotic. So how do they do evil? What’s going on in their brains that can hush their…

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