Muslim Leaders Call For Halal Alternative to Peppa Pig

Islamic leaders in Australia are urging parents to help raise funds for a company which wants to make a series of “halal cartoons” as an alternative to Peppa Pig, telling followers that Allah will reward them if they do.

The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) posted a video to its Facebook page urging parents to donate to production company One4Kids, which makes Islamic themed children’s programmes, to fund a cartoon titled Barakah Hills, pitched as a “halal” alternative to popular pre-school show Peppa Pig.

Aiming to raise AUD$20,000 (£12,000), the company said the show’s “main objective is to show children what it is like to be a practising Muslim as well as a good citizen in their community”. The cartoon is set in a predominantly Muslim town, the BBC has reported.

One4Kids producer Subhi Alshaik told the BBC he enjoyed Peppa Pig but that “apparently there are messages in there that turn kids into brats”.

“I’m a fan of Peppa Pig like many people are… Muslim, non-Muslim, pig haters, pig lovers,” he said.

“We thought, maybe we should produce an alternative that is about everyday life. Why not have a show that is similar to Peppa Pig?”

In a video posted to the ANIC Facebook page, ANIC head Sheik Shady Alsuleiman urged people to donate the funds required to ensure that Muslim children are given “another alternative” to mainstream programming which is in line with Muslim values.

“These days, in this modern age, our children have…

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