Mark Carney’s REAL bosses: Swiss pro-Nazi BIS bank

Forget the silly little Bank of Canada Mark Carney’s real employer, where he serves as a governor and chairs two of the most important private policy making committees, is the global ‘Central Bankers Central Bank’ the Bank For International Settlements (BIS) based in Basel, Switzerland.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney remains one of the key figures at the Nazi funding Swiss Bank for International Settlements (BIS).……

The inside story of the central bankers’ secret bank is an 80 year history of an institution that was designed to escape public scrutiny and to emphasize discretion, even as it became a leading architect of the global financial system. It’s the engine at the heart of the financialization of everything. Six times a year, the world’s most powerful and exclusive club meets in an unexceptional office building in Basel, Switzerland. They are central bankers, the presidents of national banks, such as the US Federal Reserve, the Bundesbank of Germany and the Bank of England.

They have come to Basel to attend the Global Economy Meetings at the Bank for International Settlements. The discussions at the BIS meeting, the information that is shared there, the deals that are brokered and the subsequent decisions that the bankers take, shape all of our lives. The main job of a central banker is coordinate interest rates, regulate credit and the money supply and, especially in these austerity-obsessed times, work to prevent inflation. In short: these men control fiscal policy in the developed world.

That means that the men gathered at the BIS influence how much money we have in our pockets and bank accounts, how much that money is worth and how safe it will be. Central bankers now “seem more powerful than politicians,” wrote the Economist, “holding the destiny of the global economy in their hands”. The Economist understated the case. Thanks in part to the global financial crisis, the attendees at the BIS bi-monthly meetings have seen their power reach unprecedented levels. Central bankers now shape the destiny, not just of their national economies and of the global economy, but of nations themselves.

Not only is this Secret Bank exempt from the taxes and oversight of any nation in the world, but also has been that way since it was founded in 1930. This is the inside story of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which is based in Basel Switzerland but does not answer to Swiss authorities or anyone else. It is the world’s Central Bankers own bank.

Learning about this super secret Super Bank will add much credence to the conspiracy theory of the bankers trying to create a New World Order. It’s like a shadow world government that is so powerful and useful that no nation in the world is willing to try and control or shine the spot light into its dark recesses.

The world’s most exclusive and powerful club has only eighteen members most of whom are men. The power and influence they exercise is almost unbelievable. It is said the Nazi’s didn’t invade Switzerland because they didn’t want to cut off their access to this institution, which is where they shipped much of the wealth they striped from the nations they invaded.

The book contains an introduction and sixteen information packed chapters contained in three major sections. Those chapters are titled “The Bankers Know Best, A Cozy Club in Basel, Hitler’s American Banker, An Arrangement with the Enemy, The German Phoenix Arises, The Rise of the Desk-Murders, The Tower Arises, The Second Tower, The All-Seeing Eye, (despite the familiar sounding names this is not “Lord of the Rings”) and the Citadel Cracks.”

“The Tower of Basel reaches only eighteen stories above the city skyline, but the fate of the biblical tower-builders should give the bankers pause. For When God saw their work, he confounded their speech and introduced a multitude of tongues. The builders could no longer understand one another. The construction work stopped, they were dispersed and their town vanished into history.”
The bank is fighting for its survival by trying to evolve into a socially responsible institution. “Secrecy, opacity, and unaccountability–like gold–are embedded in the bank’ DNA. The bank may find it can’t continue as it has since its birth.
This in a wonderful investigative report on one of the most secret and powerful institutions in world history. A reader doesn’t have to like economics or banking to be mesmerized by this highly readable expose.

Adam LeBor’s first novel, The Budapest Protocol is a conspiracy thriller set during the election campaign for the first president of Europe. The Budapest Protocol is fiction but was inspired by fact – a 1944 US intelligence document known as the Red House Report that revealed the secret Nazi plans for the Fourth Reich.