Man Found Dead – Police Accused of Making Threats

Thomas James

The death of a 50 year old man has resulted in accusations that police “left him for dead”, according to family members.

David Lewendon was found dead with blood over his face, in the hallway of a block of flats in Reading, after three police officers dragged him and left him there.

Police claim Mr Lewendon was drunk at the time, but Mr Lewendon’s uncle, Michael Lewendon, questions the official police narrative:

“If he was in a drunken stupor and covered in blood why didn’t they take him to hospital or arrest him for being drunk and disorderly?

“I feel very suspicious about the way the police have behaved.

“They left him for dead.”

Mr Lewendon’s mother has also accused the police of having a grievance towards the family.

“The police definitely had it in for David.

He used to tell me about police hounding him and going round threatening him and I was never sure if what he was telling me was true, but after what I have heard I am thinking differently now.

“We both [Mrs Lewendon and her daughter Sonia] had a feeling that night something was going to happen.

“Our stomachs were churning because he hadn’t been answering his phone. When I think about it I just start crying all the time. It is one of the things you never think is going to happen to you.”