Issa On Perjury Charge For Hillary: ‘It’s Very Clear’ She Knew She Wasn’t Telling The Truth

When asked about the possibility of perjury charges, Issa told The Daily Caller on Monday, “I think we all know that she made an untruthful statement.

There’s been a referral for lying to Congress. It’s very clear that the FBI Director indicated that she said things that were not true and she said them under oath and she said them after being prepared for months to come and make that testimony and she said them many times.”

“So when you talk about perjury, it pretty well requires that you know what you’re saying isn’t true and very clearly she knew what she said wasn’t true and you know this is something where I think Director Comey made it very clear that although he isn’t referring charges for the mishandling of classified documents, he made it clear that she didn’t tell the truth,” Issa said.

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