ISIS Brainwashed 400,000 Kids in Mosul to Fight, Carry Out Suicide Attacks

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists were brainwashing thousands of children for the past two years in the occupied city of Mosul, their stronghold in Iraq, according to a report by Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights.

The jihadists are said to have been modifying school curricula for two years to “brainwash student children, force hatred onto them and oblige them to join [IS ranks],” according to the Commission’s media director, Jawad al-Shamri, as cited by Iraqi News.

He also said that IS had managed to meddle with the education of as many as 400,000 children in this manner.

ISIS syllabuses taught children how to make explosive belts, take female hostages and prepare booby-traps,” al-Shamri detailed. Warning that such practices would “become entrenched in children’s minds” if they are not taken care of immediately, al-Shamri said he had approached the UN with a call to provide rehabilitation for the youngsters.

Just last week, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) published a report stating that amid the ongoing offensive on Mosul by the Iraqi Army, IS has been stockpiling mustard gas, executing and kidnapping civilians, and increasingly recruiting more and more child soldiers as its ranks are depleted by the coalition’s onslaught.

Heartbreaking images of children…children…being forced to carry out executions […] The forced displacement of tens of thousands of civilians and their exploitation as…

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