Hillary Clinton: Not Lesser Evil, Just Evil

by Michael K. Smith / November 6th, 2016

. . . the potential first female president represent[s] a purely cosmetic form of diversity that works against the structural changes that need to be made at every level of culture and politics to expose and depose a political class that has acted with impunity to promote policies that benefit wealthy donors and powerful multinational corporations.
— Professor Catherine Liu

Hillary Clinton is not responsible for the terrible policies of the Bush Administration, but she is responsible for following in lock-step with those policies during her tenure as Secretary of State under the Obama Administration.
— Robin D., Tits and Sass

That’s a wicked woman.
— Minister Louis Farrakhan

It is a staple observation of modern feminism that a woman has to be twice as capable as a man to go half as far in her career, which should mean that in the negative profession of U.S. politics a woman has to be four times as evil as a man in order to capture the presidency. With this in mind we can certainly agree that Hillary Clinton is “far more qualified” than Donald Trump to be president. The only question is how many more years the human race can be expected to survive such “qualified” leaders.

Apparently suffering from a permanent case of what used to be called “the vapors,” liberals aghast at Donald Trump’s “racism” continually overlook the fact that Hillary backed Bill Clinton’s 1994 crime bill, which railroaded an…

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