Getting Away with Murder: America’s War Criminals and Their Accessories

Kill one person and it’s called murder.
Kill tens of thousands and it’s called foreign policy.

— Ross Laffan, Vermont Progressive Party. October 30, 2007

War is an act of murder.

— Albert Einstein, Lendman, S. Albert Einstein’s Anti-War Agenda. Voices. December 1st, 2015

Politicians who authorize, promote or condone war are surrogate murderers.
And so, too, must be included their accessories.

— Gary Brumback, (Written by the author for this article.)

The Crimes of War

I share the late Albert Einstein’s opinion and have myself written what I think is an airtight argument that war is neither necessary nor just.  Since murder is universally regarded as a crime it follows that all wars, covert or overt, are crimes and thus unlawful.

According to the Crimes of War Education Project, a collaboration of journalists, lawyers and scholars, “the most comprehensive and accepted list of international humanitarian law offenses is set out in the Rome Statute governing the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague.” The ICC recognizes three basic categories of crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. Whatever the three are called by the cognoscenti they are all crimes against humanity. Within the third category there are nearly 50 variations of how to kill in war. It is a legalese splitting of dead hairs as far as I am concerned.

Lineup of America’s War Criminals and Their Accessories

Let’s limit the line up to the ones still living….

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