Geoengineering: Assessing the Implications of Large-Scale Climate Intervention

A 2009 US House of Representatives hearing mentions how there would be no more blue skies if geoengineering programs were to persist.

Shepard Ambellas, |

In November of 2009 a geoengineering hearing took place in the US House of Representatives.

During the hearing, the committee addressed the need for Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and how productive it is as an investment.

Lee Lane a “Resident Fellow” and Head of the AEI Geoengineering Project wanted the US government to study (SRM) in detail saying, “it is the first and third most productive kinds of investment that can be made in dealing with climate change” 

Lane says, “we need to balance and manage the risks of SRM studies”.

For the most part the committee concluded that global warming is a problem and that geoengineering is only a temporary solution.

In the discussion they also mention who decides the temperature of the planet, Russia, China, or the US? It was also brought up that it would be nearly impossible to get the geoengineering particulates into the stratosphere and very costly.

All the while the byproduct would be grey skies.

Watch the video here