FBI releases ‘Boston heist’ video 25 years after biggest art theft in US

The FBI is releasing surveillance footage from Boston’s Gardner Museum, hoping it will help to catch the culprits of the 1990 art heist. Thieves disguised as policemen stole 13 paintings worth $500 million in the greatest single property theft in US history.

Among the stolen artwork were Vermeer’s “The Concert,” three Rembrandt paintings, Manet’s “Chez Tortoni,” five drawings by Degas, an ancient Chinese vase dating back to the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC), and a golden eagle from a Napoleonic flag.

Released on Thursday, the video is a composite of black-and-white surveillance footage made by two museum cameras 24 hours before the heist. It shows a car driving up to the same door later used by the thieves. A man is seen stepping out of the car and being let into the museum by a security guard, identified as Richard Abath. The car matches the general description of the vehicle reportedly parked outside the museum on the night of the theft, the FBI says.

Via RT.