Dr. Jim Willie: Quantitative Easing Ushers in a Global Police State

In the interview below with Dr. Jim Willie, the topics Dr. Willie covers match up perfectly with an article James Hall wrote for Sleuth Journal titled: What Currency Has The Highest Purchasing Power? One of the ways Dr. Willie is unique compared with other economists, is he’s not afraid to acknowledge the New World Order. He knows they are all too real, and he knows they are in complete control, so when James Hall says the result of the U.S. going off the Gold Standard at Bretton Woods was not a market based floating rate monetary system as believed, but rather a New World Order banking cartel (run primarily by the Rothschild family), he’s on the same page as Dr. Willie, and some of the things discussed in the interview below. 

Just before the 1:20 mark, the interview takes a very interesting turn and gets into some topics I cover regularly with regard to the Illuminati, the “Fake Syrian Refugee Crisis,” the George Soros connection, and how all of them are leading to a global state of Martial Law. To oversimplify things: George Soros is a billionaire front man for the Bilderberg Group/Illuminati, and their goal is to establish a One World Government with regional offices in Western countries. Jim Willie explains all that. It’s important to note, George Soros makes no effort to hide his intention for a One World Government. From the very beginning of the refugee “crisis,” that George Soros has helped fund for the purpose of eliminating national boundaries, once all the refugees started pouring into Europe even the Chief Economist for Citibank said the inflow of Muslims would not only bring a deadly bloodbath to Europe, but it would also most likely collapse the Eurozone. thereby collapsing Europe itself. Since then, we have witnessed the Paris and Belgium attacks, and much of Europe is under Martial Law like conditions, as was predicted. 

Dr. Willie says that because of how politics and economics are intertwined, it’s important to understand both, and that is something most other economists completely miss, which is why they’re always wrong. They aren’t seeing the WHOLE picture. Dr. Willie says it didn’t take long at all back in August of 2015 for him to follow the money, and figure out who was paying for all the Muslim migrants to relocate to Europe. After all, someone had to be paying… It was George Soros and several of his Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) that were providing millions of dollars to transport Syrian refugees.

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