DoD employs Blackwater for population stabilization

Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism |

The Department of Defense (DoD) has announced that conducting stability operations is the crux and meaning of all military missions as defined by theDefense Strategic Guidance (DSG) which lays out the parameters of war, the use of fake revolutions in foreign nations, and the specification of those involved — including private security firms installed to ensure US interests.

Speaking at the International Stability Operations Association Summit (ISOA), James Schear, deputy assistant secretary of defense for partnership strategy and stability operations, explained that the DSG is explicitly directed at “building the security capacity of others.”

Those in attendance of the 2012 ISOA Summit were private security firms, non-governmental organizations and government sector representatives.

The ISOA is a non-profit trade association that was a collaboration of the US government and corporations to support the military industrial complex. They have a specific focus on disaster relief in America; however they have been used to facilitate strategies which pre-determine military influence abroad. Doug Brooks, president of the ISOA expounds that “for almost ten years [the ISOA] have grown as the ethical core of a unique and valuable international resource.”

Founders of the ISOA include:

– William Imbrie, senior director for international programs for DynCorp International 
– Thomas Callahan, chairman and vice-president for government affairs for PAE Inc.
– Academi, formerly Blackwater Worldwide, a military services mercenary contractor

Stability operations are defined as “military operations in civilian environments, include many missions, among them peace operations, combating terrorism, counterdrug operations, population security and nation assistance.” However, they are also known as “crisis initiation” in that they are manufactured operations instilled in foreign nations to destabilize those current governments and replace them with a more US-friendly faction.

The UN Security Council has authorized the use of stability operations in conjunction with military action in Libya to force national combat operations in tandem US interests in the occupied country. NATO Forces are currently exploring unconventional funding for their operations in occupying sovereign nations under the inception of a newly formed task force.

In Syria, stability operations are being used as evidenced by the US-support of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) with a combination of resources such as weaponry provided by Saudi Arabia, telecommunications technology provided by funding from the UK and US, and the use of veteran Blackwater agents. The CIA-trained terrorist faction al-Qaeda is also being engaged to ensure that the FSA is successful in bringing down the Syrian government for the benefit of US interests.

Many oil-producing nations such as Saudi Arabia, the US, the UK, Japan and Kuwait have pledged $165 million to fund an initiative of the World Bank that will prop up countries that have been affected by manufactured Arab Spring uprisings. The World Bank defines “civil society” as being transformed by what they refer to as perfect opportunities to stabilize the economy of a nation in terms of bringing them to the whims of the international community by way of unpayable loans within a volatile revolutionary setting.

In 2011, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper asserted that international aid to post-revolutionary countries should be facilitated by the central banks in those countries and announced at a G8 summit that Canada would not be directly offering “financial assistance” to those countries implanted with Arab Springs.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has made use of Arab Springs his top priority and is committing the resources of the international community to moving these nations “toward democracy”.

Schear goes on to say that: “While we’re seeking to rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific region while maintaining our emphasis on the Middle East, as we must, we’re also viewing security cooperation as a way to sustain our defense commitments within Europe and partnerships across all regions.”

The DoD is seeking out private sector corporations because they have connections culturally and can be technologically innovative beyond the US armed forces which is a priceless asset when carrying out a stabilization operation.

Expansion of the US military can include association with locals who can lead the soldiers “to operate in diverse cultural environments.” Citing Iraq and Afghanistan, Schear asserts that the US armed forces’ partnering with private sector corporations can pacify the population so that the US State Department and other government agencies can operate without threat of conflict.

With the assistance of the ISOA in Afghanistan, private security firms are used to safeguard US Embassies, international military convoys, non-governmental organizations and media companies. Afghani President Hamid Karzai asserts that these ISOA-sponsored corporations are undermining the Afghani government’s armed forces and breaking the law.

According to the “Afghan Government’s Private Security Company Bridging Strategy” document, the reconstruction of Afghanistan under control of the US and their employed security firms is tantamount to warlords working to ensure that the central governmental power remains under the governance of the US.

In the US State Department Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR) document,there is a preference for private sector corporation’s deployment to ensure cost-effective assistance to US governmental representatives; as well as “allies and partners will see increasing needs for private-sector expertise and capabilities in areas such as improving governance, monitoring tenuous situations, and providing an immediate-response capability.”

The QDDR outlines how the use of fake revolutions (i.e. Arab Springs) are creating “new opportunities” for elevating US interests under cover of empowering civilians in Middle Eastern nations. Using “civilian power” provides the perfect excuse to utilize private security firms to control conflicts, install “democracy” and create the right conditions for the UN to use the international community to control those nations under mandates and other restrictions.

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, said that if the US is going to “lead in this new century, we must often lead in new ways.” Infiltrating with fake revolutions, destabilizing nations, installing mercenary security firms to control the populations of those countries and putting a pre-determined patsy into power is the latest tool in the arsenal of the Zionist-controlled United States.