Coffee increases miscarriage risk

A new study suggests that drinking two cups of coffee each day may significantly increase the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women.

American researchers who studied more than 1,000 pregnant women found those who drank two cups of regular coffee, or five 12-ounce cans of caffeinated soda daily had a two-fold higher risk of miscarriage compared with their counterparts who avoided caffeine altogether.

According to the study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, women who had a daily caffeine intake of less than 200 milligrams were at a 42 percent increased risk of losing their child.

The scientists said caffeine is an active substance which can go straight to the fetus and result in blood flow reduction.

Doctors suggest pregnant women or those who plan to become pregnant should stop drinking caffeine, at least in the first trimester when most miscarriages occur.