Bush is delivering Depleted Uranium to us all

By John Blacker

Want to know why there are so many terrorists and who is arming them with Depleted Uranium WMDs to drop in our water, our air & poison our cities and kill our children – then check out this short article below, it tells you who & why without actually needing to give any specific details.    


Its like this folks – what goes around – comes around.

Well, how do you make a DU WMD?

1 – go out to the desert near your home and collect the sand in and around any burned out tank.

2 – put said sand in a plastic bag and tie it up.

3 – put the sand in the environment of your enemy infidel.

4 – Pray the infidel breathes just one whiff of your unholy sand and ingests the nanoparticles there within.

5 – Do the same over and over and over and over until the enemy infidel has taken back all the unholy particles they deposited on you and your wife and children.

Yes that is right folks – BUSH is killing your future by killing their future with Illegal Depleted Uranium tipped WMDs. Using DP is a well documented war crime – the radiation count is massive and the half life is 4.5 BILLION years (BILLION) – check it out.

And do you know what the best bit is, the prevailing winds will dump the radioactive highly toxic sand all over us in the UK and Eastern USA even if the terrorists do nothing but prey to god for an average windy day.

Now that is what I call holly Justice – lets hope it falls on Bush’s Ranch first.

Kind regards

J A Blacker MSc IMI (Physical Systems) (Lancaster England) [the home of Electrogravity Propulsion]

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