British patients to be fined for missing NHS appointments

The government is planning to take action to ensure people take responsibility for the precious NHS resources by charging patients for missing their appointments.

However, the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt said that although the government favours this idea and has taken steps towards it, it would be hard to implement the plan. According to Hunt, the first step is actually telling patients how much NHS money they have wasted by missing the appointments.

In an appearance on British TV, Hunt hinted at his interest in using the charging method. “We are very stretched for resources,” he said. “Doctors and nurses work incredibly hard and we are going to have a million more over-70s by the end of this parliament.”

“If we are going to square the circle and have a fantastic NHS, despite all those pressures, then we have to take personal responsibility for the way that we use NHS resources. I don’t actually have a problem in principle with the idea of charging people for missed appointments. I think in practical terms it could be difficult to do,” Hunt hinted.


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