Bill O’Reilly thinks poor people are greedier than rich people


Today’s stunning example of someone projecting all of his own sins and insecurities out onto liberals is Bill O’Reilly, lecturing people who vote for Democrats because we’re supposedly selfish greed heads who are trying to vote goodies for themselves. Goodies like “food” and “not dying”. All the luxuries.

It would be easy to write this sort of thing as just plain old asshattery, but really what we’re looking at is a stunning example of pure projection, because the greedy people who are sucking the taxpayers for all their worth are rich Republicans, make no mistake. Take Thomas Foley, the wealthy investor who is running for governor of Connecticut and who owns a vintage Ferrari and a fighter jet but hasn’t paid any real federal income taxes for three years running. I’d suggest he’s doing a lot worse to us than some working class mother who needs food stamps so her kids don’t starve.

But it’s not just rich people who run for office instead of buying a sports team to show off their fabulous wealth that somehow rarely gets touched by the IRS. Moyers and Company ran a piece today reminding us that many very profitable corporations make so much money because they squeeze the taxpayer to cover for the shortfall between what they pay their employees and what their employees need to be alive and well enough to show up to work. You see, McDonald’s and Walmart enjoy the major savings they get from paying employees the minimum wage or not much above it, leaving employees to languish in poverty. However, they want employees who show up to work showered, able to stand without passing out from hunger, and at least somewhat rested so they don’t forget where the buttons are on the cash register. But they don’t want to pay for that, because their executives have bigger yachts to buy!

That’s where you and I come in, with the taxes we pay because we’re not rich enough to wiggle out of them. As Joshua Holland wrote last year:

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