10 Minutes Of Truth – David Icke Storms Mainstream Television

Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News

Perhaps the most sensible words ever spoken on mainstream television, the world’s most controversial author, David Icke, attacks the illegal bombing of innocent civilians, the imbalance of wealth as we allow the mass death of people through needless starvation, and the systematic loss of homes and business through a corrupt financial institution.

News of the broadcast began trending on Twitter, as his comments made on national daytime television, stirred debate across the Internet.

Within the apparent safety of a pre-recorded interview, today the mainstream media took a bold step forward and aired an edited interview with the world’s most controversial author, David Icke.

Under a 10 minute time constraint, the ‘This Morning’ show on ITV attempted to sum-up two decades of David Icke’s research by focusing on the scientifically-supported theory that our universe is merely a hologram projection, while conveniently trying to ignore the vast amount of information he has uncovered which reveals how politicians, the media and financial institutions are interconnected on a global scale. But that didn’t stop him from getting in a few home-truths and guiding the topic of conversation towards the corruption of the establishment.

As the interview began, Icke described his ‘eureka moment’ twenty five years ago, when he walked away from a lucrative career in television to follow a new path of researching globalisation and the crimes of the establishment.

As Icke spoke, former children’s television presenter, Phillip Schofield, quickly interjected and brought up a pivotal appearance on the Terry Wogan show in 1991, a period of psychological transformation for Icke, that followed a press conference where he announced that he was a “Son of the Godhead” — a term that was taken out of context and misunderstood by the mainstream media.

Since then, Icke has rarely been interviewed in the mainstream media without the comments being mentioned — often as a weak attempt to discredit the researcher. The term actually means infinite awareness and can be applied to anyone who experiences a profound spiritual, emotional or psychological change where their life takes on new meaning and purpose.

During the ‘This Morning’ broadcast, Icke explained how the transformation he experienced allowed him to see the world in a completely different way, and that he had devoted the next twenty five years to connecting the dots, which has ultimately lead him to the conclusion that our perception of ‘reality’ is a result of how our five senses decode wave form information by turning it into electronic information and sending it to the brain.

He also explained that atoms have no solidity, arguing that our universe is a holographic projection, a cutting edge theory in quantum mechanics and one that is often supported by leading scientists. Of course, Icke has been saying this for decades while modern science has only just begun to take the theories of scientists like Nick Bostrom seriously.

When one of the shows presenters, Holly Willoughby, asked who created the hologram and why, Icke explained that is why his books contain so much information and why his speaking events can last for ten hours – because there are so many dots to connect.

He also stated that there is a force operating on the fringes of our perception that feeds off human energy. When Schofield likened it to the movie ‘the Matrix’ and asked if we are being controlled by a group of ‘super beings’, Icke responded with:

“No, not super beings, we are super beings, we are infinite awareness, that’s what we are, we are awareness and what this body does… I call it the biological computer, it focuses the attention of that awareness in this tiny band of frequency called visible light so we think this is all there is. “When people leave the body, suddenly, and this is a constant theme, that their awareness suddenly expands, suddenly past present and future all exist in the same now, because there is no time, that’s another illusion. And the reason that they suddenly have this expansion of awareness is that their point of attention has left the focus, the lens, the body, and can suddenly be set free.”

Schofield then posed the question that if our reality is controlled by the monarchy, elements of the banking sector and the media elite, then surely Icke is encouraging a global war or anarchy? He quickly responded with perhaps the most sensible words ever spoken on mainstream television:

“Do you think that bombing innocent civilians from the sky to protect them from violence is not anarchy? “Do you think that lending money that doesn’t exist, called credit, and if we don’t pay them back plus interest, they can take our real wealth, our homes and our land, and our businesses, do think that’s not anarchy? “People dying of hunger in a world of plenty, we have anarchy now.”

At this point, I actually found myself shouting at the television screen “you tell ’em David, you tell em”. The conversation quickly changed as Schofield challenged Icke as to why he charges people to access his research, a common argument put to full time geo-political researchers and activists.

The argument is a ridiculous one. In what other line of work is anyone expected to consistently produce high quality information, for free? Icke actually revealed that he has not taken a single penny from his landmark talk at the Wembley arena in 2012, and all profit has been put into organising the next one in October 2014.

However, just like everyone else, the man does need to feed himself. David Icke’s modest lifestyle is well known; he lives in a one bedroom flat on the Isle of Wight and devotes his life to uncovering the misdeeds of the establishment. Even after the interview, Schofield continued to misquote Icke on Twitter, as he received criticism for asking such a ludicrous question – why he charges for his work. Schofield Tweeted:

I think it’s a perfectly legitimate question from a man who called money ‘evil’.

In reality, David Icke did not call money ‘evil’, he called the misuse of money ‘evil’. Icke is completely self-financed as a result of the work he produces, a testament to quality of his research and a solid indication that people are tired of the mainstream media lies, the corrupt political and financial institutions and a growing number are now actively seeking alternatives.

Today’s broadcast will undoubtedly awaken more people to the crimes of the establishment and encourage them to investigate the facts for themselves.

Love him or hate him, the fact remains that David Icke’s research has exposed current and historical corruption on a scale that very few thought possible, and his predictions have consistently been accurate – not through some mystic connection or psychic ability, but through logic and years of painstaking research.

However, he is not alone in his quest for truth and knowledge. The UK has many researchers and activists who work tirelessly to uncover dark secrets and bring them into the light.

Ian R. Crane, Tony Gosling and Adrian Connock are just some of the many UK researchers who spend much of their lives digging up information that the establishment would prefer you not to know about.

The UK has also seen the rise of many campaign and activist groups, including Truth JuiceReinvestigate 9/11 and NORML UK.

And the British alternative media continues to grow with organisations like Critical Mass Radio, The UK Column and WideShut.

At least in the UK, the future is looking positive for those who share, and embrace, information that we’re not supposed to know.

While David Icke is our loudest voice in the call for change, just below the surface there is a deep undercurrent, made up of thousands of people, all working towards change.

Get involved. Be the change.