1 in 3 US women worry about being sexually assaulted: Poll

About one in three women in the United States say they worry about being sexually assaulted, a new poll shows, as the lewd audio recording of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made sexual harassment of women a major issue in the US presidential campaign.

Thirty-four percent of American women say they are “occasionally” or “frequently” worried about being sexually assaulted, according to the Gallup poll conducted October 5-9 which included two days before and three days after the October 7 release of audiotapes of Trump talking about groping women.

The latest figure is higher than the 30 percent who worried about sexual assault from 2013 through 2015, mostly because of an increase in women’s concern. “More Americans, and more women, are concerned about sexual assault than in recent years,” Gallup said.

Younger women report a higher level of concern about being sexually assaulted compared to older women, the poll found.


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