​Slavery victims abandoned by UK govt face further abuse, exploitation

Traumatized human trafficking survivors, abandoned by the government, are at high risk of being lured back into the clutches of criminals, a new report reveals.

Thereport, published by The Human Trafficking
Foundation (HTF) on Monday, shows victims freed from “modern
day slavery
” are discarded and left to their own devices
after leaving government-funded safe houses.

Speaking to RT on Monday, director of the Human Trafficking
Foundation, Tatiana Jardan said an effective strategy to stop
survivors of modern slavery from falling into further abuse is

We believe that if no effective strategy is put in place to
prevent re-victimisation by ensuring long-term support to
survivors of modern slavery, the cycle of abuse and exploitation
of vulnerable people may continue unabated
,” she said.

Britain has seen a considerable increase in human trafficking
over the past two years. The UK National Referral Mechanism
received 2,340 referrals of potential victims last year,
according to the National Crime Agency (NCA). This is a
34-percent increase on 2013.

RT – With license.