Day of Action: Refuse to Pay – 20th April

The Student Climate Project

All are invited to take part in a mass action against soaring public transport prices on Sunday 20th April. We encourage people from all walks of life to board trains into the central London terminals, refusing to pay the fare. People will converge together at the terminals at around 1pm. The action is highlighting the fact that public transport must become drastically cheaper and affordable if it is to become a viable alternative to the dominant carbon heavy motoring. It will be a chance to collectively rise up and declare that we are not going to accept how much it costs to travel by sustainable means, and a warning to both the government and private train companies that these actions will continue until public transport prices are brought down massively.

The action is being organised by The Student Climate Project, because choosing whether or not to own a car is a decision many students are faced with. Many will opt to own a car simply because an affordable and accessible alternative is not available. This action gives students an empowering opportunity to contribute to changing the fundamentals of our carbon intensive infrastructure and economy, rather than merely feeling guilty about their own personal emissions. But, of course, you don’t need to be a student to take part in the action!

Since 1980 motoring has increased by an alarming 87%, and continues to grow despite the ongoing threat of climate change. This might have something to do with the fact that, in this time period, public transport costs for the user have risen by 40% in real terms, whereas motoring costs have decreased by 14%. [1]

If anyone is in any doubt about the emission reductions public transport can bring, then you need look no further than the Department for Transport’s own calculations. In a parliamentary answer in July 2004, the Department stated that taking the train from London to Manchester would mean just 14% the carbon emissions of taking the car for the individual passenger. [2]

Climate Change needs to be tackled today. We need 90% cuts in UK emissions before 2030 if we are to avoid going beyond tipping point where the climate system will spiral out of our control completely. As well as rapidly doing away with carbon intensive means of transport, we must also ensure the sustainable alternatives become available for all.

Therefore, let’s come together on this action and bring about positive change: putting public transport first!

More information will follow very shortly at and you can also email for info and resources for the action.