White Sliced Inbred

Casting one’s glance across the Anglo post-colonial world, the imprimatur of racial fidelity to prerogatives of the vapid colonial kind seems to have introduced insularity as the norm. Having succeeded in wreaking inestimable havoc on significant portions of the world in their various phases of interventionist ballyhoo, the white element of the human family have gone into denial about the carnage they have produced. The pugnacious ‘grey-matter’ of imperial gibberish doing it for Ma’am or Uncle Sam share a common root…plunder is plunder under the Union Jack or the Stars and Stripes.

European ‘grey-matter’, professing purity of the religious kind while engaging in genocidal slaughter of non-white-infidels (of the Muslim or pagan ilk) proves to be a hard act to follow. It can only be described as pathological righteousness justified as meaningful by historians of the white-stripe by dint of their exceptionally white-sliced-inbred-culture bias.

Yet here in Australia as in America, the settler class, having achieved their ill-gotten gains…the theft of somebody else’s country and history…automatically adopt a form of myopia that has neither moral stature nor credible pedigree. Settlers were urged to forge a new identity based on colonial principals that relied heavily on theology, divinity and mythology and class allegiance for the purpose of creating some kind of bondage or glue that could represent common identity.

What has actually taken centre stage in our time is the voice of the state as the arbiter of collective purpose (finance) when fomenting ideas that encourage the public to focus on the newfound power of technical skills to reinforce a national utility identity…the idea of the state (deep) as navigator in matters concerning direction (investment) seeks to take prominence over any force that might otherwise influence the political narrative. However, the tension existing between object and subject…intellect and discipline…as necessary adjuncts to understanding development… constantly militate against all new challenges to neo-conservative principles in order to render alternative considerations of any sort superfluous to their idea of ideological investment as status quo. Indubitably, the sacred-cow of neo-conservative ideology in question has to be white, as all the best sacred-cows are deemed desirably so…and no ‘anti-sems’ are allowed to challenge the code. As Australia’s ancestry originated in Ma’am territory, the ruling powers decided that a cultural clone was preferable to a mongrel marionette…and look what we got!

On ANZAC DAY, April 25, here in Australia, a Sudan-born AUSTRALIA WIDE presenter with the ABC posted on Facebook: “Lest. We. Forget. ( Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine…)”…Presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied, who labels herself “First and foremost…Muslim”, caused much outrage in the land of White-Sliced-Inbred mythology by ‘wilfully hijacking’ the holy ‘Lest WE Forget’ words…a tribute to fallen diggers of bygone wars. A petition calling for her sacking is currently attracting considerable support, not least of all by Pauline Hanson…inchoate observer of reality and member of parliament…who says she will ‘never forget or forgive’ Abdel-Magied’s words …but then, Pauline is probably unaware of the millions of Muslim deaths in the Middle East that were caused by our esteemed allies…with a little help from our Diggers…and besides, she may very well believe that all people are not created equal, especially if they happen to be of the Muslim stripe.

What produced the value systems that came into being to distinguish the identity of the settler classes in countries like Australia, America, Canada, New Zealand or Israel, was the knowledge that the infrastructure of the mother country was part of the process that enabled the white settlers to possess territory anywhere it could be wrested away from defenceless natives. It was the knowledge that their backs were covered that enabled them to act brashly and lethally…secure in the knowledge that ‘white’ was right and mighty. The entire colonial exercise could be described as capitalism extending its base via infrastructural deployment to increase market share while simultaneously relocating its surplus manpower to expropriated real-estate.

So in a world of hierarchical sacred-cows, it was possible for Michel Foucault in his scholarly book, Discipline and Punish, to identify the distemper pervasive within institutional thinking that created infrastructure that enabled the colonial West to impose dystopian conditions on vulnerable people caught breaching the rule of law. Being aware of injustice, is to be made aware of evil, but to fail to cast light on the distemper that curdles the racist imagination of so much of white-man’s righteous self-serving history proved to be an insurmountable conundrum of pathological proportions that continues to resists rationality. If our “Lest We Forget” mantra is merely an ode to our lost ‘diggers’, then our awareness of what war’s collateral damage signifies in human terms will forever remain truly stunted.

The entire infrastructure of American capitalism is behind the abuse wrought on the Middle East and other parts of the world. There are many dimensions to its global ambitions, with banking and militarism the main forces calibrating deals that procure the resources of the world for its investors. Apart from the aforementioned players, propaganda and surveillance come across as a close second in the scheme of things that identify the voice of the superstate. The modern capitalist state, having achieved unbridled power with the aid of technology while salivating over the possibility of controlling a global empire that might assuage its insatiable appetite for ever more milquetoast carnage, never ceases in its quest for more victims. Lies and misinformation have come to identify the status of its infrastructure, which can be ranked alongside the nuclear bomb, the cruise missile, the B-2 Stealth Bomber and the drone, in order to assist in an asset-grab-bag frenzy that has come to be recognised as the game the immoral men of corrupt modernity play throughout the globe=hence globalisation!

The colonial mind has never hesitated to spill Arab blood in pursuit of bounty. That Arab blood was conceived by westerners to be of lesser pedigree, therefore fair game in love and war. The purpose of western wars was to subject the Arab world to capitalism’s rapacious ends. The vassal states…Australia amongst them… always the willing dupes acquiescing to the commands of its ‘betters’ to do the heavy lifting in colonial wars far from home base, was a reliable source of manpower. Our deference to the mother-country was soon to morph into loyalties that stimulated our combative instincts where and when our mercenary credentials were called upon. Patriotism became a discipline that sought to eliminate the intellect of the individual in order to impose the propagandised emotions of the state on its citizens.

Gore Vidal famously said “Americans don’t think, they only have opinions”, is an observation that could equally be applied to Australians. In the course of so many weeks we have had Benjamin Netanyahu strutting his stuff through Canberra, then came Mike Pence to regale Australians with the pompous rhetoric sacred-bulls engage in. It was a war of flatulent pomposity that most Australians were only vaguely attuned to, so like happy-go-lucky isolationists went about their business unaware of the smell…had Gore Vidal (RIP) been present he may have observed that many Australians go through life without thoughts or opinions…to top off a bad season of idiotic complacency, the visa of Palestinian activist Bassem Tamini, 50, was cancelled hours before he was due to travel to Australia, on the grounds his opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could provoke anger in the community…so much for serving the propagandised emotions of the Australian deep-state.

Netanyahu and Pence had just swaggered across the stage, two proponents of violence who were here to call a spade a diamond. Calling blowback to America’s violence in the Middle East a terrorist affair was quixotic reminder that facts on the ground were irrelevant when spin could do the job in forging alliances. Palestine attacking defenceless little Israel was the mantra coming from the mouth of Bibi, illustrating once again how history operates in a control-loop, forever regurgitating the prerogatives of vapid spin to inform the audience who the bad guys are…and deflection works every time when awareness is absent from the equation!

It just so happens that the alliance of white-sliced-inbred western leadership owes its hologram status to the past. More and more people it the western world have come to realize that colonial/imperial power grew out of the barrel of a gun, cannon, navy, cruise missile, nuclear bomb, B-2 Stealth Bomber, etc. As technology developed, so did the subliminal power of the deep state. As time passed, we realized more and more that when we went to the ballot box we were exposing ourselves to the inane action of giving over the keys of the nuclear arsenal to historic clones who felt that their time had come to play with the little red buttons and have an opportunity to show the rest of the world how far western culture had ‘evolved’. In empowering them, we allowed them to continue their endless assault on our intelligence with interpretations of reality that conveniently identified the victims of western colonial/imperial abuse as impotent hoons who deserved their fate…the ‘white-sliced-inbred’ machine becoming the arbiter of status!

The record clearly shows that the west has pummelled the Arab world as one would playdough. Our potency is a façade…their impotency is almost surreal! Here in Australia we just keep on going along for the ride…you get that feeling when you hear what come out of the mouths of the more retrograde avatars of the white-sliced-inbred mix, that Palestinians have no right to think that they should have their own country or that god created Syrians to live in tents. The prats who are allowed entry into Australia to strut the tarmac at Canberra airport are relics of the hypothesis that promotes the idea that not-all-sacred-cows-are-created-equal.

Denis A. Conroy,