Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi’s Make an Endrun Around the Conyers-Yoho Amendment

The Wolfsangel symbol of Adolf Hitler’s SS on a banner in Ukraine.

(RINF) – Last week the stand Congressmen John Conyers and Yoho against providing weapons to Ukrainian nazi battalions should have been lauded by Americans because they stood up for our American values. The Ukrainian reaction to the amendment they attached on the support bill denying money to neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine provides the most telling look into Ukrainian nationalist politics the west has seen so far.

Kiev is “cleaning up” a few of the neo-nazi punisher groups many journalists including myself have been writing about over the 1 ½ years. This small admission that the torture, rape, sodomy, and murder of innocent civilians is geared to show their “democratic values.” In true Ukrainian nationalist fashion, they still give medals to the most egregious perpetrators and make examples that give photo ops for the press service.

The truth is that the crimes have been lauded across the spectrum of the Ukrainian government and as over the top as some of the stories coming out of Donbas seemed; they only scratch the surface. Ukrainian nationalism demands that its followers act without thinking, and heroism is doing the unthinkable and unspeakable. A real Ukrainian hero doesn’t need to sacrifice themselves. A true hero according to this ideology will sacrifice everybody or anybody around them first (You really can’t make this stuff up!).

said Rep. John Conyers.  “I am grateful that the House of Representatives unanimously passed my amendments last night to ensure that our military does not train members of the repulsive neo-Nazi Azov Battalion…

Responding to this Andrei Bilitsky, Ukrainian Senate MP and founder of Azov Battalion stated that American’s have no right to judge Ukrainian law enforcing structures.He said this despite the fact that Ukraine is surviving on American handouts. Instead of building the democratic government it promised at the coup, Ukrainian nationalists have squandered the nation’s wealth trying to destroy part of its own population and infrastructure.

Biletsky couldn’t resist laying blame on Vladimir Putin by saying the amendment was the result of Russian lobbyists influence in Congress. With the anti-Russian sentiment on the Hill today, does this even sound plausible in his own ears?

Before going further, I ask; Does the American Congress have the obligation to question the morality, legality, and ethics of any party that wants American tax dollar support?


To be fair, the American defending Azov Battalion and directing Ukraine’s Info War stated for the record- Congressman, the Azov battalion uses symbology reminiscent of Neo-Nazis, but the Azov Battalion is neither full of Neo-Nazis nor do they engage in Neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic or Racially prejudiced behavior, and I have watched them, consistently, for close to 18 months.”


Quite clearly, Joel Harding knows Azov Battalion very well. If he’s correct then adding the amendment to the bill was wrong. That’s just a simple, logical, and unbiased assessment. Looking at the other side of the coin, with his credentials, if he’s covering up for Azov, then Congress needs to do a deep inspection on all parties supporting Ukraine.

Biletsky goes further and says America isn’t living up to the Budapest Memorandum which guaranteed the protection of Ukraine in the event Ukraine was attacked. Ukraine gave up its right to carry nuclear weapons based on this guarantee. After the Coup, the government of Ukraine announced it was a new state. It’s even gone as far to say it doesn’t owe the debts of the deposed government.

Did Russia Ever Attack Ukraine?

In a candid moment according to the person who developed their infowar and propaganda machine – Once Ukraine determined that the RF (Russian Federation) was not going to attack and Russia was not a credible threat, they launched their Anti-Terrorist Operations against the rebels (p 65).”

If Russia had at any point invaded Ukraine the United States was bound to respond militarily. Because it never happened, there could not be a real military response to an attack that exists only inside Ukrainian and American propaganda.

Experts like Ukrainian interim-president Torchynov, the SBU, and Ukraine’s own top generals have testified that no Russian invasion has ever happened on multiple occasions.

What does Andrei Biletsky really think about the Americans he wants to fund and equip Azov Battalion?

In the interview with Foreign Policy, the Azov commander Biletsky (now Ukrainian Senator) states:

“Unfortunately, among the Ukrainian people today there are a lot of ‘Russians’ (by their mentality, not their blood), ‘kikes,’ ‘Americans,’ ‘Europeans’ (of the democratic-liberal European Union), ‘Arabs,’ ‘Chinese’ and so forth, but there is not much specifically Ukrainian…It’s unclear how much time and effort will be needed to eradicate these dangerous viruses from our people.”

At their base city of Mariupol just during the month of October 2014 the police department had to report over 200 rapes committed by Azov and the Ukrainian National Guard in a public meeting held at the city police department. According to local residents in Mariupol which is a city of over 500,000; people are constantly going missing.” ibid article

Biletsky adheres to the political platform of the OUNb. Unfortunately, Biltesky doesn’t have an inkling yet how American’s feel about nazi scum looking for handouts to work genocide.

Both the American Congress and American people are viruses that need to be eradicated in his perfect world? Thanks to Congressmen Conyers and Soho, it may be a while before he gets an official handout.

Andrei Biletsky was Arseni Yatsenyuk’s choice for the Ukrainian Senate seat he now occupies. Out of every possible Ukrainian he could have chosen, Yatsenyuk laid his cards on the table with his choice. All of the politicians in Kiev are “integral nationalists” just like Adolf Hitler was. Being an integral nationalist means ultra-nationalism permeates through every aspect of your life. You are a Nazi. If you are part of the power structure in Kiev today or support it, you are a Ukrainian Nazi.

Ukraine’s Vision of American Values


By labeling Americans = Russian, Biletsky is defining Americans as a Soviet people. What does this mean? The word Soviet is a transliteration which can be defined as: many different peoples, nationalities, and customs, with equal rights, all belonging to one nation. It does not describe the politics of the nation. In America we use the term “melting pot.” America is a nation of many different peoples, customs, and nationalities with equal rights. Both terms have the same meaning.


The Ukrainian Nationalists like Biletsky, his sponsor Yatsenyuk, as well as president Poroshenko want to destroy every other tradition in Ukraine except OUNb Bandera. OUNb Bandera never existed in Ukraine except as invaders with the Nazi SS battalions, concentration camp guards, and mass murderers of Ukrainians. West Ukraine where the ideology came from was never under Soviet rule until near the end of WWII.

Compare it to the outrageous statements by Arsen Avakov. Ukraine’s interior ministry has the gall to say US Congressmen that stand for America’s values need to be investigated by US Intelligence Agencies.

Avakov, who is taking Aidar Battalion under his wing is demanding American Congressmen be investigated? Move over Congressman Alan Grayson, Congressmen Soho and Conyers are now at the top of the Ukraine Peacemaker project list.

“The camps will be filled not only by unreliable citizens of Ukraine who had the audacity to feel Russian, but also by the inhabitants of the rebellious republics of Donbass. If Ukraine cannot have a military solution to regain the rogue territories, it must create for them uninhabitable conditions,” said the former leader of the UNA-UNSO, Dmitry Korchinskiy, on TV channel “112 “.

“Our teachers of democracy: the Americans during World War II saved the democratic system, but created concentration camps for its citizens of Japanese descent, because of the war with Japan. They bombed residential neighborhoods in Germany in order to demoralize the German soldiers. On the frontline and in the occupied territories, we must act according to the American way. If we cannot return the territory, it must become uninhabitable. If we can’t have it, then nobody can. “

Since that’s the case, what party in Ukraine holds the same values as Americans do? Compare this video to the demands for more money and weapons to kill people in Donbass.

Which Groups Hold American Democratic Values?

Ukrainians in Kiev are protesting US funding the war against Ukrainian people outside the US Embassy in Kiev. Why isn’t it reported? They want US involvement to stop and for all Ukrainians to be safe.

The UN is studying Prizrak Battalion’s humanitarian aid method as the exemplary model of how aid can be delivered under wartime conditions. Kiev on the other hand, has kept both food and medicine blockaded from entering Donbass from their side. Instead of ongoing talks which were agreed on, Kiev suspended human rights for the people in Donbass. Which of the two groups support our values?

If Supplying Weapons To Nazi’s is Against American Values, can American citizens do it on their own?

The answer is a clear and resounding no! Its against Federal Law and one group has been in violation of this law since before February 8th, 2014 at Maidan. The DOJ set precedence early this year by invoking this law against American citizens.

In January 2015 the DOJ charged American citizens with conspiring to violate the Neutrality Act which states- Whoever, within the United States, knowingly begins or sets on foot or provides or prepares a means for or furnishes the money for, or takes part in,…against the territory or dominion of any foreign prince or state, or of any colony, district, or people with whom the United States is at peace, shall be”…

In this most recent case addressed by Attorney General Eric Holder “These defendants stand accused of conspiring to carry out the violent overthrow of a foreign government, in violation of US law,…” Holder was referring to 6 US citizens that tried to overthrow the government of Gambia, which incidentally unlike pre-Maidan Ukraine is recognized as having one of the worst human rights records in the world.

The bottom line at the DOJ- It is illegal for US citizens to start a war with a country the US is at peace with.

The absolute irony is that the Neutrality Act of 1794 was amended in the 1930’s by Senator Gerald Nye to keep American’s from supporting the rise of Hitler’s 3rd Reich or any of the other nazi countries or groups supporting him which would include Bandera’s Ukrainian Nationalist OUNb. Is it a coincidence that the UCCA and Ukrainian emigres in America were a focus of this as well as the “White Book” Nazi investigations held by HUACC from 1934-37?

Between 1940-42 Stepan Bandera and the Ukrainian OUNb attempted to assassinate sitting president Franklin Delano Roosevelt to answer to this insult.

Later the Ukrainian Nazi assassination attempt of Roosevelt would prove to be the main reason behind Stepan Bandera not becoming a US citizen after WW2 when US intelligence made the OUNb the darlings of the Cold War.

The UCCA and associated groups petitioned to allow the immigration of their mass murdering leader into the US until the 1950’s. Both Bandera and the UCCA gained considerable protection and prestige with the rise of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Maidan- The Violations of the Neutrality Act by American OUNb Ultra-Nationalists

Prior to February 22, 2014 was the United States at war with Ukraine? That is the benchmark question that needs to be answered. Ukraine didn’t have the human rights violations Gambia does. Even if it did, the prosecution of 6 US citizens for importing 30+ automatic weapons and conspiring to commit a coup has earned the perpetrators up to 25 years in prison for their trouble.

The whole country approach has been in use in Ukraine since the spring of 2014. If we step back to Maidan on February 8th 2014 we see the last objective statement about Ukraine. “…Russian websites outright accusing the US of supplying ammunition and other support to the rebels.  I asked a friend in a position within the US, that might know more about this, he claims it is a private initiative of US citizens. This I like…” – Joel Harding

On February 8th, the Maidan protest was just that, only a protest. On the basis of this statement from someone “in the know” this admission needs to be investigated because it is a flagrant violation of the Neutrality Act that will yield the Gambian conspirators 25 years for a 6 man operation. Among the other charges the Gambian Americans face are moving weapons and ammo without a permit.

Why The Fallout is Staggering

If the ultra-nationalist American UCCA received permits to move the ammo then the proof is there that the still to come Feb 22nd 2014 coup against Yanukovych was common knowledge in the State Department. Officials will need to be investigated for violation of Federal law.

If the permits weren’t there, can US citizens allow for minority groups and lobbyists to jump start a new Cold War or worse without even responding to the fact that the actions starting the war are illegal to begin with?

Regardless of the Department of State’s knowledge or assent this is a clear violation of Federal law and must be investigated and prosecuted. The action has destabilized peace across the world.

The Federal Law Against Aiding and Abetting Nazis Before, During, or After the Fact

This Federal Law is still in effect. Most of the useful information about the UCCA comes from declassified Nazi War Crimes files. If the UCCA never changed their ideology or direction, are they still “the original Nazis?” There is a world of difference between neo-nazis and Hitler’s SS. Historically they are a continuation of Bandera’s SS battalions. The mantle was passed down generationally in their communities.

This question is important given the fact that they have run the most effective lobby on Capitol Hill for the last 50+ years starting with the China Lobby. According to the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) which housed the Ukrainian government in exile the UCCA became the sole representative for Bandera OUNb in the world. “In 1980 the Ukrainian Congress Committee ofAmerica was taken over by the OUN(B)…”

When the UCCA’s(Ukrainian American) world body leadership (UWC) is looked at, until they passed away recently, the UWC was lead by former Ukrainian Waffen SS officers that served under Bandera. What kind of people do you think either entity represents? What does it lobby for? The UWC became the 3rd most potent political force in Canada because it represents the Ukrainian diaspora worldwide as a governing body.

Accordingly and in the UCCA’s own words the mass murderer and Nazi war criminal Bandera is– Stepan Bandera remains a symbol of strength and righteousness for his followers, and his political ideals, his loyalty to his nation and to the principles of freedom continue to inspire Ukrainians today.”

Bandera’s UCCA bring up their children to hold OUNb Nazi political ideals in America. Bandera himself is the patron saint to be worshiped inside this society, literally at the alter. Does this reflect the American values Representatives Conyer and Soho are trying to protect? Is there a difference between holding Adolf Hitler as a patron saint or Stepan Bandera?

UCCA and Emigre Violation of The Anti-Genocide Law of 1787

If you knowingly contribute to genocide anywhere in the world and are an American you are in violation of this Federal Law. The bar is set at “did you know?” From the beginning of the coup and never ceasing the UCCA has been crowdfunding and taking donations for weapons of war to be used against the Ukrainian people in Donbass. If Biletsky’s definition of “Who is a Russian” is taken into account, it is against any person that is not a Ukrainian nationalist.

Where it gets worse is even a brief look through pro-Ukrainian social media pages shows how deeply embedded the violations of these Federal laws are within the community. Private US citizens ask for donations to buy military grade sniper rifles, scopes, and other weapons of war to be used on civilians. Many of the social posts even acknowledge this labeling the people of Donbas as “Separatist Scum.”

Congress is not exempt from these laws. American legislators can not break federal law to support constituents breaking federal laws. If the US Senate pushes through sending offensive weapons to Ukraine, this is what they are supporting.

For just one of the smaller neo nazi groups out of 100+ existing, the UCCA crowdfunded over $500,000 in 2014 and average $15-30K per month more. According to the recipient, the commander of Kiev Rus battalion the money is used for weapons.

With his men getting hammered by Russia, a desperate Ukrainian battalion commander has landed in New York City, where he’s rustling up money for weapons, helmets, and even toilet paper.”

Mainstream media is not exempt from these Federal Laws. This MSNBC video raising money for neo nazi weapons brings both the presenter and the media channel into violation of Federal Law. The interview on MSNBC was done on February 6th, following the February 4th Foreign Policy article where purchasing weapons was made clear as a goal. The vetting process precludes MSNBC not knowing.

If America wants to retain its values, groups like the UCCA need to be disbanded and defunded. On their own public admission this OUNb relic is providing weapons against Federal Law. The officers need to be investigated and prosecuted (it is after all their own admission given of their own volition). Since Facebook pages are impossible to erase every American citizen collecting weapons, contributing, or purchasing weapons can and should be put under scrutiny because they are breaking both the Neutrality Act and the anti-Genocide laws.

These are not Ukrainian problems. These groups have made Ukrainian Nationalism America’s grossest national product. Normal, well adjusted Americans need to weigh in against sending Nazis, neo- nazis, mass murders, torturers, or rapists heavy weapons that will be used for genocide.