Down to Earth Preparedness and Guns Everywhere


Note from Daisy:  I had a great chat with Rory and Mark of The Daily Coin.  You can check it out at bottom of the page.

This week’s guest is Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper. Ms. Luther’s work focuses on “down to earth” preparedness. During our conversation we discuss topics such as practical preparedness and the reasons to keep it simple. We also discuss emergency currency, what makes sense, reasons for keeping an emergency bank roll and what types of denominations. We are joined by, firearms expert, Mark S Mann, who’s work you probably know from 

We point out ways to be better prepared for situations like the recent Atlanta snow/ice storm that shut down this major metropolis and we take a look at how the unprepared people responded. We provide alternatives to simply “surviving” and offer recommendations to keep the children happy and comfortable. Being comfortable in your own home is a key element in this conversation as we focus on ways to remind ourselves of being human during trying situations. 

In the second half of the show Mark and I take a look at HB 60 that is on the floor of the Georgia legislature. The “guns everywhere” law that is up for a vote. Mark and explains how this legislation is a growing trend at the state level and we discuss how you can make a difference. We discuss some of the particulars of the Bill and offer practical solutions to help protect your personal freedoms, liberties and rights as law abiding citizens. 

Should guns be allowed in church, in drinking establishments or parks? We take a look at the pros and cons of this very important question and offer an historical perspective in how this situation has been handled in the past. Do you believe more citizens with firearms creates a safer community? I believe that history has shown when citizens are armed, the crime rate is lower. Why would a criminal, intent on doing you harm, attack you if he thought you were armed? History shows that he would think twice before acting