Are Blairites preventing pro-Corbyn Labour supporters from voting?

Elements within the Labour party are actively preventing members who from taking part in the leadership election if they are suspected of being pro Corbyn, according to one Labour member.

Naciye Ozbillenier from London, posted the complaint on on the ‘We trust and support Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour’ Facebook group:

Naciyne“Just had a phone call from a volunteer at Labour Party asking why I haven’t paid £25 to register as a registered supporter.

I explained that I had already registered but I haven’t received a confirmation email. She said I shouldn’t have stated that I was joining to support Jeremy Corbyn as the NEC is dealing with applications and they are full of Blairites. I am joining again and stating that I am joining to support the Labour Party so that they don’t block my membership.

If you haven’t received a confirmation email and you gave JC as your reason for joining and your money hasn’t left your account, join again. This is a deliberate act to stop us from supporting and voting for Jeremy Corbyn.”

This follows as many Corbyn supporters are facing issues with their application – after being forced to pay the undemocratic £25 fee in order to cast their vote.

As a result Naciye has joined for a second time and received a confirmation email straight away.

Speaking to RINF she said:

“I am disgusted that things like this are happening in a democratic country such as ours.”

More information will be posted here about the ongoing problems, as we receive it.