Two thirds of the UK do not trust the Government with data

MORE than two thirds of the UK population no longer trust the Government with their personal data, according to a new report.


The report from the York-based Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust claims to show how, in too many cases, the public are neither served nor protected by the increasingly complex and intrusive holdings of personal information invading every aspect of our lives.

Of the 46 databases considered, the authors conclude only six are broadly acceptable in privacy terms, and more than 10 should be scrapped entirely, including the ID card scheme and the centralisation and sharing of all health records by the National Health Service.

Madeleine Parkyn, co-ordinator for Scarborough NO2ID group, which campaigns against ID cards and the “database state”, said: “This survey reveals just how vast the database state has stealthily grown.

“This obsessive collection and hoarding of our personal data threatens the privacy, personal security and freedom of everyone in this country.”


Scarborough Evening News