Tory Leader wants to give our medical records to Google

During the weekend, Tory Leader, David Cameron placed further scrutiny under the Labour Governments “Electronic Patient Records system” and has called for NHS records to be stored online with companies such as Google and Microsoft. 

He stated “People can store their health records securely online, they can show them to whichever doctor they want… But best of all in this age of austerity, a web-based version of the government’s bureaucratic scheme services like Google Health or Microsoft Health Vault cost virtually nothing to run.”

The fact that Google wants our health records is no secret. In 2008 Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Product and User Experience at Google, said:

“Google Health is our product that takes our users medical records and brings them online, where users can see them and control them and put them to good use in getting better health care, and I’m happy to say today that it’s no longer just talk. We actually have a product.”